Ethical Charter

1. Core values 

1.1. Original and ambitious: We are founded as a think tank and do tank to show, to advocate and to shape pathways for policy reform towards sustainable economic growth, social welfare as conditions to safeguard well-being for the whole of society.​ We seek to develop strategic and long term inspiration to help improve public and corporate governance, going beyond short-term agendas 

1.2. Factbased and open minded: We have no a priori’s in terms of specific solutions or ideas. We think it is crucial to detect problems as specific as can be and map the possible answers to it. Therefore, our reports, papers and interventions in the public area are data- and evidence-based. We opt for a well-founded and argued public debate and engage ourselves to stand for qualitative and data- or evidence-based interventions. We are enabled to reflect, speak, and act, independently from any interest group, and to address issues beyond any current stakeholder agenda and scope 

1.3. Constructive and participative: In order to realize our objectives, we consider Itinera to a be sanctuary, engaged in- & outbound communication, providing a safe harbor for constructive, well-founded public debate with various audiences. We are convinced that polarization in society can only be tackled by an attitude of mutual respect, the willingness to listen and to exchange ideas in an atmosphere of respect. 

1.4. Pluralistic and inclusive: Itinera rejects all forms of discrimination, racism, xenophobia and violence toward others. We are not concerned by anyone’s origin or religious or sexual preference. We accept that people are different and do not pin anyone down as to who they are.  

1.5. Competent and engaged: our activities, output and interventions are basis on a professional attitude and scientific competence. We consider it our task to keep on learning and studying and our way of working should bear witness from that. We always strive for the best and this ambition embodies our fundamental engagement for a better society. 


2. Professional relations and internal communication 

2.1. Itinera embraces inclusiveness and diversity as an added value. We engage ourselves to compose a team of fellows and associated researchers representative of today’s inclusive society. We also expect our team members to explicitly distance themselves from racism or any other expression of discrimination based on skin colour, religion or belief, sexual orientation or cultural background. 

2.2. The Itinera research team is composed of four types of collaborators: fellows, associates, guest contributors and trainees or volunteers. They all make part of Itinera’s team, together with our alumni and partners. 

2.2.1. The fellows are the backbone of our team and are engaged on a regular basis with Itinera. They are experts in one of our five main topics. 

2.2.2. Associates have their main activity elsewhere but speak and write with the tone of voice characteristic to Itinera. 

2.2.3 Guest contributors are temporarily engaged with Itinera for a particular contribution. They are invited by Itinera or applied by themselves to work at Itinera. They speak with own voice but within the overall goals of Itinera. 

2.2.4. Trainees or volunteers are temporarily affiliated with Itinera as team member during graduation or as voluntary researcher. 

2.3. We work as a team. All fellows engage themselves to be part of that team, participate in the team meetings on a regular basis, and be open to a fair and critical exchange on our projects, papers and events.  

2.4. We are ambitious and eager to make each other better as researchers and as human beings. We offer each other healthy criticism and always do so in a constructive and supportive way.  

2.5. We consider today’s problems to be complex and therefore consider interdisciplinarity not only as a way of working but as the only way to tackle future challenges in society. 

2.6. Each fellow has its own voice and freedom of speech is important to Itinera. We do not need to agree on everything but our core activities and output are the result of a joint effort as a team. We start from an open debate in our team and in our outbound communication as well.  


3. Relationship towards partners 

3.1. Itinera is generously funded by private partners who believe in our mission and vision. Itinera explicitly expresses its gratitude for that. Together, we share the ambition to realize good governance in Belgium and abroad resulting in a sustainable and inclusive society, with increasing welfare and well-being for the whole of society. 

3.2. In order to work as an independent think tank, private partners do not interfere in our daily activities  can never ‘order’ publications. We are always eager to share our ideas and get into debate with the whole of society and therefore also our partners but we are no lobbyists or appendix of private interests.  

3.3. Itinera offers reports, events, debates, papers or podcasts that aim to describe today’s problems as precise as possible and look for answers that can serve this country to make a step forwards.  

3.4. Itinera invites its partners and others to meetings or debates, brings people together and builds bridges between civil society, entrepreneurs, policy makers and the whole of society. We want to create networks and a place that facilitates people meeting each other. 


4. Communication and mission 

4.1. We opt for transparent and positive communication with others. Our analyses will always be critical but never personal. We argue with facts and evidence in order to improve policy making in Belgium.  

4.2. All of our interventions are available to everyone. We think it is crucial to share ideas as much as possible and are open to critical remarks from others.  

4.3. Inbound and outbound communication are equally important. Being a sanctuary, we have no dogma’s or a priori’s and welcome everyone to debate with us. Listening to others and being aware of what is happening in the whole of society, is crucial to avoid ivory tower expertise. 

4.4. We are solution seekers animated by a positive passion and optimism: we believe the future is in our hands and that we can make it better than the past. We therefore look after recommendations that achieve to solve problems as good as possible. We absorb every possible idea to make that happen.